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Full carbon effect film, even feels like a real dry weave carbon,


The material is a  very high tech cast vinyl with a long term external  life. Its highly comformable which makes it ideal for use on small parts such as wing mirrors,  mobile phones and dash boards right upto complete spoilers, skirts, bumpers, or even the whole car.


Many colours are also availble in this type of media, from solid colours, high gloss metallics, flip colours, ultra matt finishes and even a brand new ultra pearl white and brushed steel look. We also do a paintwork protection film if you want to protect parts of your vehicle stone chips and general wear.


The carbon film is probably the most sought after

and has an exceptional look which has fooled

many of our clients into believing its real.



Prices for the carbon range from just £25 for a

wing mirror upto around £180 - £260 for

large vehicle panels such as a roof or bonnet.


Shown are some examples of parts which have wrapped.


RX8 Carbon Wrap